Kindergarten in Action

Our kindergartners get to experience hands-on activities, creating a the foundation of becoming a lifelong learning.

great hearts kindergartner and teacherCooking S’mores with the Power of Solar

Our kindergartners get to experience hands-on activities. In this particular experiment, scholars cooked s’mores using the power of solar!

If you opt for full-day Kindergarten at Great Hearts, your student will receive additional instruction in the sciences, history, the arts, and enrichment in math and reading.


Counting with Cerealgreat hearts kindergartner math sheet

To build on math skills, young scholars will use manipulatives to move objects around in a way that teaches or reinforces a lesson. In this particular lesson, incoming kindergartners worked on their counting skills by making a bracelet out of cereal


great hearts kindergartner writing sheetThe Letter “S”

Learn how students are taught to write letters during Great Hearts Kinder Academy. This writing style is part of the Spalding curriculum our students study in their lower school education.


boy and girl studentScience Presentations in Kindergarten

Students researched and prepared a paper in science and then gave a presentation in front of their class.


girl raising handsWorking with Number Bonds

Students learned how to solve for different types of number bonds as part of their Singapore Math curriculum.


kindergarten boyCelebrating 100 Days of School

Kindergartners celebrate the 100th Day of School with plenty of counting. The 100th day is a massive milestone for these five and six year olds.