Language Arts – Students continue to spend in-depth time in both grammar and composition. Using their knowledge of grammar from previous grades, students will analyze and diagram sentences with advanced grammatical constructions.
Students will continue to write for a variety of purposes with increased independence and expectations, including summarizing, outlining, historical and scientific narratives, and multi-paragraph expository and persuasive essays.
Additionally, students will complete an independent research paper. When studying literature, students will use their knowledge of literary devices to annotate their reading, engage in classroom discussions, and write independent
responses to their literature.

Math –  In grades K-5 at Archway, students use Singapore Math, which helps them understand the why behind the math concepts they are studying through the use of manipulatives and pictorial representations. Having received a solid mathematical foundation, 6th grade students are ready for a more abstract study of mathematics and will cover such pre-algebra topics as variables, exponents, plane geometry, fractions and rational numbers, solving equations, statistics and probability. 

History – Students in 6th devote the year to an in-depth study of American History, beginning with such topics as European exploration, development of the colonies, the American Revolution, development of the American Constitution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and Westward Expansion. In the second semester, students will cover WWI, WWII, conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century, and landmark Supreme Court cases that affected this time period. Students will read original source documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, and speeches by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

Science – In 6th grade, students utilize experiments, observation, discussion, lectures, and readings to immerse themselves in the field of Life Science. Students will spend the year investigating the classification of living things, progressing from Kingdom Protista and Fungi, moving to Kingdom Plantae, and spending a substantial quantity of time in Kingdom Animalia.  Whenever applicable, students will study examples from the Sonoran Desert, enabling them to connect their studies to their immediate surroundings and to understand and appreciate the environment closest to them.

Specials – All 6th grade students will participate in Latin, Art, Music and PE year round.