Language Arts – Students spend in-depth time in both grammar and composition. They parse and diagram sentences with all parts of speech and various grammatical constructions. Students compose summaries of both fiction and nonfiction passages with careful attention to proper grammar and mechanics. Additionally, students are exposed to expository and persuasive paragraph writing. Students will also learn basic elements of fiction, such as setting, characters, and plot, through classroom literature discussions. The resources for 4th grade include First Language Lessons, Writing With Ease, and novels such as King Arthur, Robin Hood, The Princess and the Goblin, and Tales from Shakespeare.

Math – Students continue their studies in Singapore Math, with a focus on such topics as number sense, the four operations of whole numbers and decimals, adding and subtracting more complex fractions, geometry, area and perimeter, measures and volume, and coordinate graphs. Emphasis continues to be on conceptual understanding and problem solving through word problems and classroom discussions.

History – The first semester is devoted to a study of Medieval history, beginning with the rise of Barbarians and ending with the Wars of the Roses in England. Students learn about influential people from this time period such as Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, and Richard the Lionhearted. In the second semester, students study major events in the American Revolution, the creation of the Constitution, and they also spend a unit on Arizona history.

Science – Students cover a general overview of the major areas of science, exploring such topics as matter and energy, mixtures, forms of energy, electricity and magnetism, forces, weather and landforms, animal adaptations, life cycles, and the respiratory and circulatory system. Students conduct experiments, observe results, and record data with a focus on learning about the scientific method.

Specials – All 4th Grade students will participate in PE, French, Art and Music year round and Chess for one semester.