Language Arts – Third grade Language Arts builds on the skills learned in second grade with the goal of independent student application of those skills. Students spend the year mastering cursive handwriting. Spalding markings and rules are delivered with the aim of developing students’ ability to be conversant in them. The diagramming of simple sentences is reviewed and applied to sentences with more intricate grammar constructions. Students practice dictation skills and verbally composing three sentence summaries, which then transitions to crafting written sentences of their own. Students are steeped in beautiful language through the use of literature books as the primary source for reading practice and dictation. Examples of literature include Little House on the Prairie, The Moffats, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Trumpet of the Swan, The Little Prince, and The Phantom Tollbooth.

Math – Students continue their studies in Singapore Math, with a focus on such topics as number sense, four operations of whole numbers, length, weight, and capacity, introductory fractions, telling time, area, perimeter, and volume. Emphasis continues to be on conceptual understanding and problem solving through the in-depth study of word problems.

History – The first semester is devoted to a study of Rome, from the founding to its rise as a republic, its expansion as an empire, and finally its fall. Students will learn about Romulus and Remus, Aeneas, Roman mythology, and Julius Caesar. In the second semester, students study Native Americans, early explorers to North America, and end with John Smith and the founding of Jamestown.

Science – Students cover a general overview of the major areas of science, exploring such topics as earth’s forces, landforms, the sun and water cycle, parts of the eye and ear, animal environments and food chains, classifying matter, force and motion, and magnetism and gravity. Students conduct experiments, observe results, and record data with a focus on learning about the scientific method.

Specials – All 3rd Grade students will participate in PE, French, Art and Music year round and Chess for one semester.