Language Arts – In first grade, the primary focus of Language Arts is building skills in reading, writing, and spelling. The teacher uses guided instruction to train decoding and promote spelling abilities through the Spalding Method. The secondary focus of Language Arts is an introduction to the parts of speech and the practice of grammar conventions. Students practice dictation and summarization to help lay the foundation for skills in composition. Students are exposed daily to beautiful language through poetry recitation and enrichment literature such as Frog and Toad, The Original Winnie the Pooh, The Wind and the Willows, Owl Moon, and Little Black, the Pony.

Math – In first grade Singapore Math, the students will develop their number sense, which trains students to visualize and conceptualize numbers. They will explore other methods of addition and subtraction such as counting on, making tens, and counting back. Basic geometry and early measurement skills (in length, weight, and capacity) are also introduced. Students will compare numbers using the phrases “more than” and “less than.” They will also compare the difference between numbers (or magnitude) using subtraction. Students will then be prepared for the units on multiplication (recognizing equal groups) and division (the concept of sharing among equal groups). Students will explore benchmark fractions (halves), time (through the ½ hour), and numbers up to 100.

History – First grade history begins with a study of map skills and key geographical terms/locations such as naming the oceans, continents, and major mountain chains. Students then study famous people and events in American history such as Jamestown, the voyage of the Pilgrims, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and explorers such as Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, and Sacagawea. After a study in American tradition, students learn about cultures throughout the world, such as Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Kenya, India, China, and Australia.

Science – Students cover a general overview of the major areas of science, exploring such topics as identifying streams, lakes, and oceans, changes in the sky (clouds, moon, stars, sun), characteristics of the seasons, classifying matter, changes in material caused by heating and cooling, magnets, and forms of energy such as light and heat. Students conduct experiments, observe results, and record data with a focus on learning about the scientific method.

Specials – All 1st Grade students will participate in PE, French, Art and Music.